Catalyft Success System

Catalyft Success System

Most coaching programs offer training on how to coach. The Catalyft Coaching Certification Program offers business coaching training, but more importantly, offers a unique, proprietary, powerful business model. The business model is built upon the four course, proven Pinnacle Success System that teaches entrepreneurs how to earn more, with more free time, and to enjoy their journeys.

The robustness of the Pinnacle Success System's intellectual property enables Catalyft coaches to offer a free, once per month two-hour Introductory Workshop that is the primary method of marketing. Introductory Workshop participants then select into the Peer Advisory Boards, Courses, Strategy Intensives, and Coaching. Once Catalyft Coaches establish a few Peer Advisory Boards their board participants who are having powerful and transformative outcomes invite their business associates and friends to the Introductory Workshops and the Catalyft Coaches invest less and less time inviting guests.

Due to the monthly recurring revenue that boards generate, and the high Peer Advisory Board Member retention, Catalyft Coaches build significant recurring revenue each month. The Peer Advisory Board Members then choose Pinnacle Success System Courses, Coaching, and Strategy Intensives, increasing the lifetime client value.

The biggest challenges for most traditional coaches is that they are spending most of their time trying to gain new clients, one at a time, to replace clients who end their relationships. By providing coaches with proprietary intellectual property and a powerful business model, they are not investing most of their time trying selling. They invest their time in the activities that generate revenue. The model is designed for coaches to work approximately 10 - 12 days per month and to generate a six figure plus income.

Catalyft Success SystemCatalyft Success System
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