Office Mart

Office Mart

• No overhead
• No software maintenance
• No employee theft
• No store front cost

Why OfficeMart?
• Fully automated e-Commerce solution
• Home based business
• Easy implement, easy to run, easy to manage
• No late nights or weekends
• No special equipment or inventory
• No special skills and knowledge needed
• Every business, every organization is a potential client
• You can work part-time or full-time
• Build business equity
• Work from ANYWHERE
• Sell to ANYWHERE in the USA
• Recurring orders / Recurring income

With OfficeMart the business owners have the ability to offer and provide to clients:
• Office Supplies
• Ink & Toner
• Breakroom Supplies
• Janitorial Supplies
• Print & Promotional Materials
• Merchant Services
• Telecommunications
• Bookkeeping Services
• and more…

Q) What is needed to be successful in this business?

A) While anyone can be successful in this business, those individuals that have proven experience in sales, business development, and coaching or managed sales teams are our ideal candidates.

Please watch this short video: To see how OfficeMart can save businesses Time & Money:

Customers can quickly see the value can provide to their business. The Distributor simply needs to be able to assist the business client with these benefits. Then, every time they order and reorder products or services our Distributors financially benefit. (recurring orders recurring income for the life of the customer)

It is really this simple; imagine showing customers they can save time and money in their business at NO cost to them. Do you think they would at least be interested in learning more? Of course, they would. The business model works, is easy to run and with support, it is simple to maintain.

Because of increasing consumer demand for our products and services, OfficeMart needs talented people to make these introductions and/or manage a local sales team, while the OfficeMart team handles the backend operational pieces of the business. provides the Area Distributors a completely integrated e-Commerce solution with client resource management system with bid software to help identify potential savings opportunities for clients. All products are drop shipped direct from our vendor warehouses so there is nothing to inventory. The OfficeMart team takes care of all customer billing, vendor payments, credit card processing and more…

NOW your client will have access to the same inventories of company’s such as: Staples, Office Depot, Cartridge World and more, without having to manage inventories or negotiate and pay vendors.

Q) How can the business owners compete against Staples, OfficeMax, Cartridge World, Amazon, Walmart, Costco etc.?

A) You need to rethink and ask; how can these big box stores compete against our business owners. We have huge operational advantages.

The business owner has no location lease or maintenance fees, no location utilities, no employees, no inventory, no carrying costs, no employee or customer theft, no Wall Street earnings expectations or huge multiple million-dollar executive salaries to pay. They are not maintaining a giant fleet of trucks or warehouses, nor do not have meet State minimum wage or Federal health insurance requirements.

With, our business owners have those same products, but without any of the “costs and overhead expenses”.

So, the real question is, how can they compete with us. The answer is they can’t. In fact, Staples, Cartridge World and OfficeMax and many other store retailers have and are closing 1,000’s locations nationwide. Not because of decreasing consumer demand for office and janitorial supplies, that is higher as ever. No, the real reason is they can no longer compete with more integrated e-Commerce solutions like

This offers the Area Distributors that work with OfficeMart an unprecedented opportunity.

Office MartOffice Mart
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