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For immediate release January 8, 2021:
Five Reasons to Show Brand
Attention franchise consultants or business brokers assisting buyers in purchasing a staffing company or franchise in what the investment analyst community considers a lucrative $19 Billion market:
iGoHire ® LLC offers five reasons to show its brand to your clients:
1) Differentiation is critical when the field is crowded. It starts with an aspirational name. The name iGoHire ® LLC suggests upward mobility and the ability to prosper, whether as a client, licensee or even an employee.
2) The halo effect of an aspirational name as such enables an owner, executive recruiter or manager to be taken more seriously in pursuing higher value, higher level search assignments, particularly at the executive level.
3) Differentiated launch package: the owner is an accomplished, senior level executive recruiter and author of Empowered Career Advancement. The owner personally provides 5 days of training with the new Licensee to assist in set up, new prospecting outreach and advanced candidate assessment. Owner also offers presales support when pursuing strategic new opportunities.
4) Market validation occurs each and every day as territories for other competitors are occupied and unavailable. iGoHire ® LLC offers a way to capture territory, market share and profit by entering validated markets. A cliché is reversed: “If you can’t join them, beat them”.
5) Pricing at $29,990 has been set at an extremely affordable and reasonable level. Current structure is pre franchise. Timing is ideal because royalty payments will not be collected until planned conversion to franchise July 1, 2021. When royalty payments are implemented at 18%, they will be lower than most competitors due to the owner’s commitment to ensuring maximum profits accrue to the actual producers.
Please consider iGoHire ® LLC.

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